Addition of En resources to non-En resources

Paul Vriens at
Fri Jun 25 05:14:47 CDT 2010

On 06/25/2010 12:08 PM, Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> Paul Vriens< at>  wrote:
>>>> What we see is that there are several people who want to help us with
>>>> the translation part but have no idea how to code (or are actually
>>>> willing to code). We could use them, especially for the more exotic (or
>>>> let's call it less mainstream) languages.
>>> Since when the editing of .rc files started to require coding skills?
>> Fine, let's call it editing an up to date file and creating a patch out
>> of that.
> Creating an actual patch could be done someone else of course. I'm just
> curious, how the result of translating a .po file was supposed to be sent?
> Isn't it going to be a patch of some kind in any case?

I'm actually not sure if somebody already has an idea how to approach 
this. I guess that we will end up with both resource files and po files 
in our tree and that we indeed will have patches to po files as well.

The difference however could be that we could have a translation tool in 
place (for example Pootle if that's viable) that automatically generates 
the patches and sends them to wine-patches. One can even think of some 
'approval layer' in between to verify if the translations actually 
messes up the layout.

Why don't we add this as a nice topic for the next WineConf?



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