Debian package backorder

Ben Klein shacklein at
Sun Jun 27 07:23:09 CDT 2010

On 26 June 2010 17:13, Ben Klein <shacklein at> wrote:
> On 25 June 2010 15:17, Ben Klein <shacklein at> wrote:
>> Unless someone wants to donate an AM2/DDR2 motherboard to me, someone
>> is going to have to take over the packaging of Debian Stable, Testing
>> and Unstable packages.
> Good news: I got a motherboard that is made of 120% concentrated awesome:
> Bad news: My desktop is still not powering up. No flickering lights or
> fans spinning (not even in the PSU). Maybe someone can help diagnose
> this for me:

OK, let's try again.

Good news: It *is* actually the PSU that's the problem. I'm not sure
why this didn't come up in my earlier diagnosis, but after testing the
both the old and new motherboards with just the known good PSU plugged
in and a screwdriver to the power switch pins, then switching over to
the suspect PSU, the results are 99% indicative of a dead PSU (the
remaining 1% is the LED on the old motherboard, so power is getting
through along *some* wire).

Bad news: wasted time/money. Although I do like the new motherboard
enough to keep it.

For reference: if the PSU fan doesn't spin (and any other fans
connected to the PSU directly), it is most certainly a dead mobo or
dead PSU.

For those people who offered me help (Nate accidentally
replied-to-all, the rest of you know who you are), I cannot thank you
enough even just for the offer. I can't in good conscious ask for help
with paying for my new PSU as I'm now surplus one motherboard, the
cost of which would likely cover a suitable PSU. I'll manage somehow.

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