[PATCH] user32: check for valid pointer in CreateIconFromResource

Wolfram Sang wolfram at the-dreams.de
Mon Jun 28 09:35:14 CDT 2010

On 28/06/10 13:26, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Wolfram Sang <wolfram at the-dreams.de> writes:
>> According to TestBot (#2851), all non-crashing Windows versions return 0.
>> Found while working on Bug 21012. Although this patch doesn't cure this
>> bug, I think it is still worth adding the check because the pointer
>> may come from the (always evil ;)) user-application.
> Do you have an actual application that does this, or is this just hiding
> a Wine bug?

Nope, no application (yet). As said, I found this flaw while checking
#21012. The accompanying tests, which sadly crash some windows versions,
backup the changes AFAICS. I can repost after 1.2 if you prefer that.



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