The WINE Project should solicit grants to hire professional developers

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Mon Jun 28 22:06:44 CDT 2010

Richard Yao wrote:
> Dear All:
> I am a senior undergraduate applied mathematics/computer science
> student and this year, I migrated from Windows 7 to Gentoo Linux on my
> computers. I tried using Linux alternatives to many applications I
> used on Windows, but not all software has good alternatives, so I have
> been using WINE for certain things. The WINE project's accomplishments
> so far have been extremely impressive, but at the same time, WINE's
> implementation of the Windows API is deficient in many ways and I
> think that the WINE project will need to improve its own organization
> before progress toward true API parity with Windows can be made.
Thank you for the kind comments.  What you suggest is a taxation 
nightmare.  Having worked with 501(c)(3) organizations, you HAVE to 
prove that your grants were used in an appropriate manner.  Using them 
to pay the wages of a for-hire person is NOT appropriate (and will 
result in the IRS coming down on you like a ton of bricks).  If you are 
looking for a job/internship, contact CodeWeavers.  Donations to the 
Wine Project are used to support developers at WineConf (Wine 
Conference).  We cannot LEGALLY pay wages to others without encountering 
the wrath of United States taxation laws.

Sorry to be so harsh, but that's the reality of the FOSS world.  Either 
you volunteer your time, or you look for a company that will pay wages 
for your 'support' efforts.

James McKenzie

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