Please review: Patch for non-Linux serial set_baud_rate()

Ken Thomases ken at
Wed Jun 30 11:47:25 CDT 2010


I happened to stumble across some code which didn't look quite right in dlls/ntdll/serial.c.  However, I have no expertise in serial comms or termios.  Also, I have no means to test the change I propose.  On the other hand, the change seems clearly right and conforms to what I learn from man pages, etc.

So, I'm hoping somebody who is more familiar with this functionality can review the attached patch before I formally submit it.

Another approach that seems better from my reading of the man pages is to switch to using cfsetspeed() [or cfsetospeed() and cfsetispeed()] instead of having separate branches based on defined(CBAUD).  But maybe that has portability problems worse than the current approach.


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