Change Journal and VSS analog in Wine

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Wed Mar 3 03:33:28 CST 2010

Hello Dmitry,

Dmitry Konnov wrote:
> I'm doing backup software.
> Can somebody advise on weather Wine has functionality of
> ChangeJournal NTFS and Shadow Copy mechanism.
> I understand that ChangeJournal NTFS is NTFS file system feature
> and Shadow Copy perhaps heavily dependent on Windows system.
> But I wonder weather these features can be simulated on Mac
> under Wine/Crossover.
what do you try to do? Porting a Windows backup software to MacOSX using
Wine? That won't work if the intent is to backup the whole MacOSX
system. The native filesystems have their peculiarities that Wine
doesn't expose nor translate to the Win32 API.


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