shell32/tests: add tests for the parser of SHELLEXECUTEINFO.lpFile [try 3]

Ilya Basin basinilya at
Thu Mar 4 05:32:02 CST 2010

PV> On 03/04/2010 10:56 AM, Ilya Basin wrote:
>> Hello. I can see you ran my tests on a test bot and they don't fail.
>> Thanks. Why don't you put the patch into git? I'm willing to fix the
>> code of the dll itself after the tests are there.

PV> I was just acting as a manual patchwatcher here ;)

PV> Alexandre is the only one committing to the Wine git repository.

PV> When you send another try of your patches, please make sure you add some 
PV> comments about what changed compared to the previous one. The reason I 
PV> ran your tests was just because Try2 had some test failures on 95/NT and 
PV> Try3 didn't mention this was fixed.

So, should I send try 4 with comments and link to the job?


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