shell32/tests: add tests for the parser of SHELLEXECUTEINFO.lpFile [try 7]

Ilya Basin basinilya at
Wed Mar 17 05:09:47 CDT 2010

There's a block of code in dlls/shell32/shlexec.c;f=dlls/shell32/shlexec.c;h=a81cada91fed264816a0946c06e83a00b7fb6484;hb=HEAD#l1681

It specially handles lpFile with '"' or containing spaces. Does anyone
know a real situation when you need this handling? If I disable this
      /* separate out command line arguments from executable file name */
      if (0 && !*sei_tmp.lpParameters && !appKnownSingular) {
my tests succeed, but there may be others, that I'm currently trying
to find.

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