[1/3] WineD3D: check the GL flags in CheckDepthStencilCapability, not the static info

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 04:03:29 CDT 2010

On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 9:26 AM, Henri Verbeet <hverbeet at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 25 March 2010 09:17, Roderick Colenbrander <thunderbird2k at gmail.com> wrote:
>> My suggestion was to extend 'init_format_texture_info' and set
>> 'wined3d_format_desc->supported' when the extension is around.
> That doesn't help, the problem is with fairly old cards that don't
> support depth textures. They obviously won't be able to do fancy stuff
> like FBO offscreen rendering, but you should still be able to create a
> depth/stencil buffer. The current code on the other hand will
> incorrectly report floating point depth formats as supported even if
> the relevant extension isn't supported.

Somehow I thought (perhaps because that's what I discussed with
Stefan) that he added an explicit FBO check to
CheckDepthStencilCapability to separate FBO and classic WGL. In the
FBO path he can use the detection he uses now augmented with a
'supported' check. At least that's what I had in mind. I prefer to
limit the use of IsPixelF* to wgl stuff like checking whether an
adapter format is supported and for the non-FBO case. Float checks
would help in the non-FBO case to prevent getColorBits warnings.


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