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Sun Mar 28 13:53:07 CDT 2010

Alright after creating a few test scripts and playing around with things I
think I have finally settled on exactly what my proposal is. It is in three

1) Convert wpkg (or appDeploy) scripts into ahk scripts. I believe that I
can convert a hundred or so without to much work.

2) I'd like to implement a more aggressive error reporting. I want to have
appinstall rerun failed test using WINEDEBUG=+all (or possibly have it guess
what channel is needed to be watched). Saving the output of this will allow
one to more easily debug the program. You won't have to go back and rerun
the program yourself in wine, you will already be given the output so you
can see what failed, where.

3) I'd also like to implement a feature to have the output more in the
format of I am thinking that it would be easier to have it
done split into two scripts, one on client-side, one server-side. Have the
client format all the information into an xml file, and then server-side
convert that xml into something along the lines of what
test.winehq.orglooks like.

I can go more in depth with each step I'd like to take, but I am not sure
how specific I should be with my proposal? I was looking at last year's
proposals and they didn't seem overly in depth on the steps they planned to

The five sample scripts and the edited can be found here, . I've found the easiest way to add
the scripts is to copy them into the ~/.appinstallcache folder after it's
created and before the tests are run.


-Seth Shelnutt
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