[GSoC] IUri Implementations

Jacek Caban jacek at codeweavers.com
Wed Mar 31 07:44:29 CDT 2010

Hi Thomas,

On 03/31/2010 04:15 AM, Thomas Mullaly wrote:
>> You could use dynamic array for that or a list with a Uri_PROPERTY
>> value as a key for example and a data as an offset and length.
>> Another way is to compute each property offset only when it's
>> requested and store it. An obvious bad case for that is a long uri.
>> So probably one pass property computation while building IUri
>> instance is not bad.
> I like the idea of making a lightweight data structure which stores
> the offset and length for each component property. I'd imagine it
> would look something like this:
> typedef struct  {
>    DWORD offset;
>    DWORD length;
> } UriComponent;
> Although it becomes a little more tricky on how to store the
> UriComponents, but, I have a few ideas if anyone has any suggestions.
> I do like the idea of using an array inside the Uri struct to store
> the UriComponents but not all of the values in the Uri_PROPERTY enum
> actually mean anything (at least thats what I have gathered from
> reading the MSDN docs), like the  Uri_PROPERTY_STRING_START and the
> Uri_PROPERTY_STRING_LAST are just there to say all the enum values
> between  >= START and  <= LAST correspond the string components of the
> URI.
> So I'm thinking the Uri struct should have a constant size array of
> UriComponents of length Uri_PROPERTY_STRING_LAST (which would be 15..
> correct me if I'm wrong).
> So it would look something like...
> typedef struct {
>    /** The other stuff */
>    BSTR *uri;
>    UriComponents components[15];
> } Uri;
> and then for the GetPropertyBSTR(BSTR *component, Uri_PROPERTY prop)
> function you could just have something like.
> if(prop >= Uri_PROPERTY_START && prop <= Uri_PROPERTY_LAST) {
>    UriComponent comp;
>    comp = uri->components[prop];
>    /** Parse the component out */
> }
> And that should get you the necessary offsets and lengths for the
> component you need.
> I also like the idea suggested before using a one-pass solution to
> find everything when the Uri is constructed.
> Thank you for the quick responses and suggestions, I hope to have a
> proposal ready in the next few days.

In general, the idea looks right, that's how it probably should be
implemented. This is an implementation detail through. The bigger and
more important problem is URI parsing and canonicalization. That's where
most of work needs to be done. In this case tests will be also very
important. You don't know how it should work until you have a test. The
first step would be to write a test infrastructure some tests (adding
new test shouldn't be harder than filling a table with more data). Once
it's done, you'll be able to decide on best way to implement parser and
IUri interface. The project should result in many tests and good support
for at least more useful flags and IUri functions.


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