Stack corruption in dsound.c

Henri Verbeet hverbeet at
Thu May 6 03:34:05 CDT 2010

2010/5/6  <wylda at>:
>> What exactly is wrong with that address?
> Hi Henri, to my understending, when i take real values:
> adr1 = HeapAlloc(0x00110000, 0x00000008, 0x000003d4);
> HeapFree (0x00110000, 0, adr1);
> adr2 = HeapAlloc(0x00110000, 0x00000008, 0x000003d4);
> HeapFree (0x00110000, 0, adr2);
> Allocates me 3E0 (rounded 3d4) bytes filled with zeros, begining at adr1
> and this:
> a) adr1 should be "relatively close" to the 0x00110000
> b) adr1 should be same as adr2
You can't really make those assumptions, though I guess they may
sometimes be true in practice.

>> Stefan Dösinger:
>> There's HeapValidate which may be better than Alloc+Free in spotting
>> > bugs.
> Hi, this kind of help i'm looking for... Furhter googling lead me to
> nice articles about memory damage.
WINEDEBUG="warn+heap" also does some basic validation.

> BTW: why it takes so long (cca 6 hours) a post to appear, when i send
> mail to wine-devel? Some kind of mail graylist?
If you're not subscribed to wine-devel your mails will go through
moderation, which means they won't come through until a moderator
looks at them. If you *are* subscribed mail should generally arrive
within a couple of minutes, if it doesn't something is wrong

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