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Scott Ritchie scott at
Thu May 6 19:27:18 CDT 2010

On 05/06/2010 11:49 AM, Ing. Simone. Giustetti wrote:
> Hi,
> There are 3 translation template files for the download page:
> (From the root directory of your local git repository)
> ./templates/de/download.template
> ./templates/pl/download.template
> ./templates/en/download.template
> I think You should update all of them (That's what I did for the Slackware
> package description anyway ;) ).
> details how to create a local clone of the git
> repository and how to generate and format the patch.

It would be much nicer if the website knew when a translation became out
of date.  As it is sometimes the translations get much older than the
English version and become less useful than an untranslated document.

Scott Ritchie

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