Compilation failure in wine-1.1.44

Nikolay Sivov nsivov at
Sat May 8 15:37:45 CDT 2010

On 5/9/2010 00:21, wylda at wrote:
> Hi Marcus,
>>> * better backtraces for bug reports
>> -O2 works like a charm there too, at least for me.
> I think i read that somewhere and if i understood that correctly, my
> conclusion at that time was, that -02 optimizes the code, so it can
> "omit some" part of code and replace them by faster alternative. But
> the debuging symbols then don't correspond such optimized code... And
> even if i usually don't understand those backtraces, i want to provide
> them as much readable for developer as possible.
It's mostly about a parameters printed in backtraces, with -O2 you'll 
see sometimes missed register
values replaced with <register EDI not in topmost frame> for example. 
Don't know about inline things,
probably it could be inlined anyway with -O0 too, but I'm not sure.

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