winemp3.acm: Fixes the Mac-specific code

Aric Stewart aric at
Thu May 13 07:10:06 CDT 2010

   It is good to see someone working on this code.  But your patch makes 
it so that all the mp3 sound clips in the game that I was coding for 
stop working.

trace:mpeg3:mp3_leopard_horse ndst 147456 0x2eab348  <-  19901 0x2ea657c
trace:mpeg3:mp3_leopard_horse First 16 bytes to input: 
trace:mpeg3:mp3_leopard_horse Invalid header at 0x2ea657c

I was also under the impression that a single input stream could come 
through as a series of ACMDM_STREAM_CONVERT messages that may or may not 
align as containing full packets or have a header on each call. This may 
not be what is happening here since it appear to be happening at the 
beginning of a given sound clip.

But that is why I used the AudioFileStream (that and i was seeing apple 
documentation recommending so)


Kristofer Henriksson wrote:
> The current winemp3.acm does not work if the Mac-specific code is
> used. This rewrites the relevant portion to fix, for example,
> background music on things like Oblivion.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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