Release plans

Jeremy White jwhite at
Fri May 14 10:11:33 CDT 2010

Hey Brian,

> Jeremy - do you have a copy of the real press release we did for 1.0?  I
> dug around looking for it and couldn't find it.  Looks like we never
> properly posted it on WineHQ.  It did get picked up by quite a few news
> sites, but Google isn't finding it.
> Scott /  Edward - when 1.0 came out, Jeremy had the PR firm that writes
> copy for Codeweavers put together a press release for Wine.  It was
> pretty good and fairly polished.  I'm not sure if having them do it
> again would be an option.  Also, I think Wine 1.0 was coordinated with a
> release of Crossover 7.0.

I can't find anything on that release, but we're certainly happy to
put together another one for Wine 1.2.  I've CC'd Jon Parshall, as he's
the guy that'll get to do it.



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