msi: Avoid a potential NULL pointer dereference (coccicheck).

Hans Leidekker hans at
Thu May 20 06:37:54 CDT 2010

On Thu, 2010-05-20 at 12:49 +0200, Michael Stefaniuc wrote:

> > It's a header construction where you typically exploit the fact that the
> > header and extended structure start at the same address. So yes, we
> > could leave the code as is.
> "exploit" doesn't sound like a clean approach to me. The compiler does
> the right thing here but there is quite some effort involved for a human
> reader to validate that. The reports of good static analyze tools should
> more like a hint "there is a problem around that code" and the problem
> doesn't have to be the exact same thing the tool actually reported.

Yes, that's why removing the goto is the better solution here, because
it simply avoids that case.

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