make "bisected" a keyword in bugzilla?

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sat May 22 23:52:42 CDT 2010

Maarten Lankhorst <m.b.lankhorst at> wrote:

> On 23-05-10 01:57, Dan Kegel wrote:
> > I think it's a good idea.  'regression' isn't as strong as 'bisected'.
> >
> > Unless there are objections, I'll add the keyword on Monday.
> >    
> I think I'll object. I don't see any point in the bisected tag that 
> regression doesn't already cover. As far as I know as soon as you tag 
> something as regression you either already have bisected it, or will be 
> asked to bisect it quickly after adding the regression tag.

Exactly. There shouldn't be not bisected bugs with the 'regression' keyword
in the first place.


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