Voting for own bugs not allowed?

Florian Köberle florian at
Tue May 25 03:59:35 CDT 2010


I got some replys at other places (bug tracker and private email). As I
want to keep the discussion on the mailinglist I will place my arguments
for voting here:

1. Not all bugs I report are important to me. I sometimes just fill in
bugs when I find them but they don't mean much to me.
2. Not all bugs stay important to me. For example when I no longer play
a game I might want to remove my vote from that game to show that less
people are interested in getting the bug fixed.
3. Bugzilla allows you to vote for your own bugs. If it's not intended
that you vote on your own bugs then it should not be possible.

I heard already the following argument against voting for your own bugs:

It produces addtional noice.

-> I don't understand this argument. Voting doesn't cause emails to be
send as far as I know. Only when you are the _second_ one who vote for a
bug then the bug gets auto confirmed.

And the following explanation why voting for my own bug has not been
received well:
"Hmm could it possibly be because you cannot in most systems of
democracy propose a candidate and second them as well? "

-> I don't know a voting process where you can't vote for your own
suggestion. At least here in germany you don't need to show for whom you
have voted. So you can even vote for yourself if you are on the list and
I assume most candidates do so.

Best regards,

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