Call for translators

Paul Vriens at
Thu May 27 05:52:52 CDT 2010


The code freeze for Wine-1.2 has started and we are now in a weekly
release candidate cycle. This is an ideal moment for translation work.

The current translations status page shows four (4) languages at a 
100%. Please help us have more fully translated languages for Wine-1.2. 
Also fixing the errors in the translations (21 languages affected) would 
be greatly appreciated.

Most translators are not programmers and are probably intimidated by 
Wine's translation system.

If you are comfortable editing resource file than please go ahead, 
create patches and sent them to wine-patches. The wiki-page gives some more background 
information if needed.

If you like to help out Wine but don't want to touch any of these 
resource files we can help you out. Please sent us an email with the 
language you'd like to translate Wine into and we will sent you the more 
familiar po files. These files show all the translatable strings from a 
resource file but in a less intriguing format. Once translated, you can 
sent these files back and we will turn them into the proper resource files.

'We' for now are Michael Stefaniuc and Paul Vriens but I guess others 
will chime in if needed.



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