Call for translators

Paul Vriens at
Fri May 28 14:32:48 CDT 2010

On 05/28/2010 11:58 AM, Michael Stefaniuc wrote:
> Helo Frédéric
> Frédéric Delanoy wrote:
>> On Thu, May 27, 2010 at 12:52, Paul Vriens< at>  wrote:
>>> The code freeze for Wine-1.2 has started and we are now in a weekly
>>> release candidate cycle. This is an ideal moment for translation work.
>>> The current translations status page
>>> shows four (4) languages at a
>>> 100%. Please help us have more fully translated languages for Wine-1.2. Also
>>> fixing the errors in the translations (21 languages affected) would be
>>> greatly appreciated.
>> Regarding the translation percentage in
>>, especially
>> the pedantic mode, is it possible to mark some of the warning as non
>> valid (e.g. when the translation
>> is the same than the English version, which sometimes occurs in French
>> [e.g. "OK"])?

Marking will be an issue for the reason Michael states below. I tried to 
do it in the code but even that is not trivial and probably requires 
hard coded lists.

>> Marking resource files for these occurrences is probably non
>> desirable, but what about something like a
>> "Mark as invalid" button on warnings in the web interface (with
>> probably some kind of "language-specific-warning-exclusion-system").
>> Is that feasible?
> Not really. The translation statistics page is generated every time
> afresh from the Wine source code; it doesn't keep state. It would be a
> significant amount of work to do that. Probably more than fixing it The
> Right Way(TM) aka making Wine use PO files. With PO files there isn't
> the need to copy untranslated strings just to not break a resource. And
> with that the pedantic mode becomes less useful and we can use other
> existing PO based "verify translation" tools, e.g.
> So if you would have translated "OK" to "OK" but also some of them to
> "Oui" you would get notified about that.

But what about the different sized controls for some languages? I agree 
though that po files are more accessible to a wider audience

I totally agree (and have already talked to Francois a few times about 
this) that we need a nicer/better way for translators to help us out.

Maybe a nice item for the next WineConf?



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