Re: New wisotool 20100530: new verbs galore

wylda at wylda at
Mon May 31 11:44:39 CDT 2010

> Does bioshock install ok manually from .mds for you
> with cdemu?

Yes, without any problem. I always double check each image, i.e. first
i test the image under winxp and when the image is ok, i take it under

Bioshock passed both these tests successfully, i.e. installs and runs
without originals (just the mounted image, no cracks of course).

BTW: if you have a non-working image under winxp (have to work - necessary
condition) check your available drive speeds. For SecuROM is recommended:
CD medium:  Use lowest available speed for DPM
DVD medium: use highest available speed for DPM

But my personal experience is different. For example DVD F.E.A.R. Extraction
Point i succeeded after 4th try in case of highest DPM speed. Then i
tried lowest DPM speed even for DVD and succeeded in every test. So
since this i use in alcohol120:
* 8x (CD-ROM  read)
* 4x (DVD-ROM read)

Those are lowest speeds for my Samsung SH-S223F. It _should_ work setting
1x and the drive should choose lowest possible, but it happened sometimes
to me, that max DPM speed was chosen instead. So i set the speeds explicitly.
Unfortunately i also have DVD drives which will _never_ be capable of
making working image (to name one: Sony/Optiarc  AD-5200S). So if you
can't succeed with image creation for longer time, send your drive to
trash ;)

What makes the image successful is .mds file (mdf should be always the
same for different tries). So in case you have non-working image, you
can ask someone just for .mds (but .mdf must have same size - i.e. same
language DVD or gamebox).

> That's a familiar error.  We can and should fix that
> before you try again.

OK :)

> > Also how do you handle multi CD games whit this tool?
> > I have 8 virtual drives...

> The script can handle unmounting the 1st disc and mounting
> the 2nd, but maybe we should mount multiple as you suggest.
> (That's a bit more complicated to script because we want the
> script to run on windows, too).
> - Dan

I met games, which are hard to persuade even with "wine eject" and also
then you usually need to confirm "OK CD2 is in drive". So to me it looks
easier to mount all CDs/DVDs before installation begins. (I'm not a
programmer so maybe i'm wrong here;)

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