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Tue Nov 2 12:23:40 CDT 2010

Tom Spear <speeddymon at> wrote:
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>> --- Comment #19 from Dmitry Timoshkov <dmitry at> 2010-11-02
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>> (In reply to comment #18)
>> > Those of you with this issue, make sure you vote for this in bugzilla so
>> that
>> > it can be confirmed, if you haven't already.
>> Voting for bugs in Wine bugzilla is useless and does nothing except adding
>> noise.
>Can/should voting for bugs be disabled if it is 'useless and does nothing
>except adding noise'?

Voting for bugs does two things, and I don't think Dmitry wants to do the first:

1.  It confirms that a bug does exists and possibly on multiple platforms.
2.  It advises developers that more than one system/configuration is affected by a bug.

I agree that adding thousands of votes to a long standing bug is 'noise'.  Given that we have a limited resource of developers, having users verify bugs and to vote for them to give an idea of how severe a bug is might be helpful.

Just my .02 USD here.

James McKenzie

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