New winetricks 20101106: mostly just bugfixes and updates

Dan Kegel dank at
Fri Nov 5 23:50:50 CDT 2010

Another month, another Winetricks.

Online as always at
(Bug reports to the issue tracker at the above URL, please.)


Austin English
- add amstream verb
- bump firefox to 3.6.12
- fix dotnet11 install on recent wine
- if user is using a 64-bit prefix, tell them how to create a 32-bit
one instead.
- initial 64-bit cleanup
- update eadm sha1sum
- update flash sha1sum
- update utorrent sha1sum
- don't initialize wine just to show the help menu. (Issue 182)
- version shouldn't initialize Wine either (part 2 of Issue 182).

Dan Kegel
- update shockwave, utorrent sha1sum
- added verbs l3codecx and dmsynth, and added devenum to directmusic;
for winehq bug 24911
- allow continuing partial downloads if WINETRICKS_CONTINUE_DOWNLOAD is set

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