[PATCH] [Msvcrt]: now using macro for parameters validation itoa_s (and updated the tests as well)

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at orange.fr
Tue Nov 9 03:23:08 CST 2010

to sum up the recent discrepencies between msvcrt and msvcrN0 Dlls:
- msvcrt doesn't raise exception on _s functions while msvcrN0 does
- (likely) in _s functions returning an errno_t value, msvcrt does set errno
to the returned value, while msvcrN0 doesn't change the errno value (tested
on _itoa_s and wcsncat_s)

I wonder if should challenge the current scheme of forwarding all APIs from
msvcrN0 to msvcrt (and writing wrappers in msvcr90 to cope with the various

we could let msvcrt behave differently when loaded from our msvcrN0 DLLs
than when loaded standalone, and factorize the discrepencies within msvcrt

comments welcome
Eric Pouech
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