Help with 'WineAPI' wiki

Max TenEyck Woodbury max at
Fri Nov 12 14:27:20 CST 2010

As I mentioned before, I am trying to establish a place where the
Windows API can be discussed that is not under the control of
Microsoft. While the name I have chosen is debatable, it is not beyond
reason and conveys enough about its intended contents that it should
not be too hard to find.

It currently consists of two major pieces:

* The Wine piece follows the distribution directory structure with
   pages for each directory and many of the files.

* The API piece currently consists of an index of all the APIs I found
   in the .spec files.

* Other projects that use the windows API can put the information
   specific to their project in directory trees similar to the one I
   have set up for Wine.

I am having a few specific problems:

* Some of the .spec files contain more information than can be
   displayed on a single Wiki page. This information has to be split up
   into a reasonable number of sub-pages and organized so the
   information needed can be found fairly easily. I can handle the
   technical aspects of setting up the pages, and have some idea of
   where the splits should be, but I am uncertain enough that I want

* This is the first Wiki I have had administrative responsibility for
   and I frankly do not know what I am doing. Advice and help with the
   administration of the Wiki and the project would help.

* Some of the technical choices have been based on my technical limits.
   I am simply ignorant of possible alternatives. Again, I think advice
   would help.

* I know some of the sections are just plain ugly. I am mostly
   concerned with getting accurate and current information into the Wiki
   at this point, but the presentation does need improvement and again,
   I think some advice would be helpful.

* My dyslexia has bitten me more than once. Someone to review what I am
   doing might help.

- Max

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