Developing on 64 bit Ubuntu? Add the Wine PPA for new ia32-libs that supports gstreamer codecs

Scott Ritchie scott at
Mon Nov 15 20:52:41 CST 2010

The ia32-libs that ships with Ubuntu doesn't contain 32 bit libraries
for all the useful codecs of gstreamer.  There's enough to build Wine,
but not enough to actually show a video.

I've fixed this in the ia32-libs on the Wine PPA by adding _73_ new
libraries to it.  This is something you'll want even if you're not using
the wine packages and just doing Wine development.

Thankfully, ia32-libs should be finally obsolete by 11.04 with
multiarch, but in the meantime we can use the PPA.

I'll work on porting the ia32-libs changes to 10.04 and 9.10, but it's
less of a priority.  On those we have other problems (such as old GCC
versions causing problems).

Scott Ritchie

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