TestBot IPv6 enabled

Greg Geldorp ggeldorp at vmware.com
Tue Nov 16 17:38:30 CST 2010

> From: Austin Lund
> On 14 November 2010 07:40, Greg Geldorp <ggeldorp at vmware.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > All TestBot VMs (with the exception of the Win9x ones) now have IPv6
> > connectivity. I was surprised that there was even a IPv6 stack available
> > for NT4, it was produced by Microsoft Research.
> > The VMs are (and always have been) behind a IPv4 NAT router. That same
> > router now acts as a IPv6 router/firewall, with full outbound access
> > but blocked inbound access.
> > The website is also IPv6 capable, just waiting for the AAAA record to be
> > added to the nameserver.
> Are these test failures:
> http://test.winehq.org/data/b8d0c0dcc70dc06674c9b0f42230357c736359f9/xp_wtb-wxpprosp3/wininet:http.html
> related to this change?

Yes, I suspect they are. These failures started appearing right after the IPv6 change.

> Is there an issue on the testbot with IPV6 and security certificates?

Sorry, haven't had the time to investigate yet (only looked up the error code which is


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