mciavi should be rewritten using the AVIFile interface

Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at
Wed Nov 17 11:50:06 CST 2010

Hi Joerg,

2010/11/17  <Joerg-Cyril.Hoehle at>:
> Hi,
> MSDN documents (and I verified) that the MCIAVI allows to access an
> open AVIFile object via the special name @NN...NN (decimal address).
> Conversely,
> open @-1024 type avivideo alias a
> crashes native at address ffffc000 -- except on w95 (KB140750).
> This makes it likely that MCIAVI internally uses the AVIFile API
> (it might also pull the MMIO file handle out of the AVIFile structure).
> Furthermore, other parameters that the MCI exports, e.g.
> MCI_ANIM_*_SPEED, map to what the AVIFile objects provide and is not
> present in MMIO handling, reinforcing the hypothesis that the MCIAVI
> uses the AVIFile API.
> Hence mciavi.c should be rewritten to use the AVIFile API.  I hope
> that doing so will prevent a skew that I've observed with some apps,
> where sound and video rendering do not match after a few seconds.
Just symlink to ?


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