Patch for bug 25063 - _pclose should wait for the command processor to terminate and return it's exit status

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Thu Nov 18 07:54:18 CST 2010

Borut Razem <borut.razem at> writes:

> I was also thinking abut that. We could add a hProcess member to the
> ioinfo structure, but this means MSVCRT_MAX_FILES * sizeof(HANDLE) =
> 2048 * 4 = 8KB additional data space, which will be more then less
> unused...

That's not an issue, if it's unused the cost is minimal. The real
problem is that the ioinfo structure can't be changed.

> The problem is that "the highest file descriptor in use" (actually the
> number of popen calls during the process life) is not konwn in
> advance, that's why I implemented it as "dynamically growing
> array". Or I'm missing something?

You are confusing the allocation and the lookup. Yes, you need to grow
it dynamically. That doesn't mean you need a linear search.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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