building a winelib dll?

Seth Burleigh wburle4 at
Sat Nov 20 10:46:40 CST 2010

alright, so heres how it works:

first, you need to pass spec into the right place, heres the output of the
make file.

winegcc -c  -mno-cygwin -m32    -o zmq.o zmq.c
winegcc -shared zmq.dll.spec -mno-cygwin -o zmq.o     -lzmq

next, you need to make sure to include <windows.h> in zmq.c and put WINAPI
between return type and function name if you are using stdcall in the spec
file, otherwise it wont work.

Finally, heres a nice reference example

and in terms of finding what symbols are exported well those in the spec
file are exported, so no big deal.
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