Wine runs IE7!

Lee mail at
Fri Nov 26 03:36:09 CST 2010

Hans Leidekker <hans <at>> writes:

> Well, sort of. I found bugs in shell32, rpcrt4, comctl32 and wininet
> that I had to implement, stub and override my way past before it would
> render a page, but finally, here's the obligatory screenshot.
>  -Hans

Well it sure would be nice to know what you did. I had the page one time but no
address bars, menus, etc. Right now I only the browser, without anything, just a
frame. I tried it this way:
but it didn't do any good either. According to them, it's really easy but they
don't seem to offer any support. It sure would be nice to go beyond IE 6
(although I must say that but messing around with all this, IE 6 looks a bit

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