poor Wine performance creating fat dialogs

Andreas Pflug pgadmin at pse-consulting.de
Fri Nov 26 06:06:32 CST 2010

I'm investigating running a commercial ERP system under Wine (only 
binary available). It mostly works, but creating the main dialogs for 
item, customer and such will need around 25 seconds, while running on 
Wxx it takes 2-3 seconds. After that, there's no serious performance 
impact working on these dialogs.

The dialogs contain a lot of controls, like 500 or so each, so I suspect 
that's what makes things slow.

I'm willing to investigate this in the wine sources, if it makes sense. 
So before I start I'd like to know if there are known or suspected 
inefficient code regions that might cause the problem? Maybe some 
win<->x11 translation tables that degrade with 1000+ windows? Or has 
this been observed before, and the problem is outside of wine's scope?

Any hint appreciated.


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