quartz: Start DirectSound renderer as soon as possible.

Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at gmail.com
Sun Nov 28 09:28:03 CST 2010

Hi Erich,

2010/11/21 Erich Hoover <ehoover at mines.edu>:
> I've been working on a set of patches (compiled together and attached for
> your convenience) to fix the background music in Fallout 3 (Bug #24478) and
> I've run into some trouble recently with commit
> 64b14c0ecdd13530a92ff636c451523a99253a0b.  Before that commit (or removing
> that commit in current git) and applying the patches allows the music to
> function in both the main menu, properly stop when the menu is closed, and
> later play again when the user is in the game.  With said commit applied
> these patches still permit the background music to work when at the main
> menu; however, the moment the "stop" occurs on exiting the menu then all
> audio in the entire game ceases to function.  I would really appreciate any
> feedback you can provide or pointers on where to look for the source of this
> problem.  Thanks in advance!
There are other ways to handle this. What you're doing is wrong. I'm
guessing the assert(!pSample); is wrong, if it's flushing it ought to
return all samples held. If it has a sample and returned VFW_E_TIMEOUT
I guess it has to break. The preferred allocator would have to be a
separate patch.


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