[PATCH 1/2] opencl: Initial stub implementation of OpenCL 1.0 (try 2)

Peter Urbanec winehq.org at urbanec.net
Tue Nov 30 00:13:21 CST 2010

On 30/11/10 05:31, C.W. Betts wrote:
> It doesn't look like you look for Apple's OpenCL implementation, which uses<OpenCL/opencl.h>.

That was intentional. I have no way of testing on OSX, so rather than 
including untested code and giving the illusion of it working on OSX, I 
decided to leave that out. I am also not sure what, if anything, I need 
to do with autoconf to support OpenCL detection on OSX.

My personal preference would be to get the current version accepted in 
the wine tree and then someone with access to an OSX system can provide 
a complete patch. Of course, if AJ would prefer the untested #ifdef 
__APPLE__ variant, I'm happy to resubmit the patch.


     Peter Urbanec

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