Translation patches for wine-1.2.2

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Tue Nov 30 07:12:46 CST 2010

Hello Alexandre,

attached is the list of translation patches for wine-1.2.2.
This time I manually checked the changes to the En.rc files if they are 
indeed a wine-1.2 incompatible change. Thus there are some patches in 
the list that I missed for wine-1.2.1 with the automatic "stop at first 
En.rc file change".

Some other things to note:
- There are 4 of my janitorial patches in; you can skip them like the 
last time and fix up the patches that don't cherry-pick cleanly.
- "winhlp32: Use a standard About dialog, with the proper icon" seemed 
inconspicuous enough to include and thus allow translation patches for 
winhlp32 after that commit.
- Does it make sense to include the Arab and Hebrew translations? 
Support for mirroring is only in wine-1.3.x.

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