[PATCH1/3] include/winternl: Add Logical Processor Information to SYSTEM_CPU_INFORMATION

Rudolf Mayerhofer rm at eightyfive.net
Sun Oct 3 09:48:00 CDT 2010

On Sunday 03 October 2010 16:22:07 Eric Pouech wrote:
> > SystemCpuInformation seems not defined anywhere outside Wine.
> > It's not defined on MSDN, neither can it be found on any Wine-unrelated
> > Documentations/Source-codes or Documentations. If you have any links or
> > documentation for SystemCpuInformation, could you send them please ?
> > 
> > If i can't extend the struct, i think it would be easier to just move the
> > parser into kernel32/process as well and avoid modifiying this interface
> > as NtQuerySystemInformation is marked as deprecated on MSDN anyway.
> try SystemProcessorInformation and SYSTEM_PROCESSOR_INFORMATION (instead
> of SystemCpuInformation and SYSTEM_CPU_INFORMATION) and you'll see that
> it's not Wine specific. so you cannot extend them
> moreover, don't trust MSDN... they're simply saying that if there's the
> same API in kernel32 it should be prefered over it's ntdll counterpart...
> regarding your patch, the core of the work has to be done in ntdll. you
> just have to find the correct API in ntdll that does the job
> you're not using the right one (at least for the class of the query)
> for example, SystemNumaProcessorMap could help you... (even I coudn't
> find some docs about the structures, but I didn't search a lot), and
> reverse engineering (using ntdll as a blackbox) may be of some help
> A+

I just found out that SystemProcessorInformation is the same as 
SystemCpuInformation in Wine, both of them are SystemClass 0x01, so that class 
won't be of much help either.
Thats also why i couldn't find anything related to SystemCpuInformation and 
that also means that my first set of patches was definitly the wrong approach.

Since i had some free time today, i have rewritten and submitted the patch not 
using the ntdll interface as i suggested before already. I'll also try to find 
out if there is any usable SystemClass, hopefully there is one. 

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