mono packaging, for wine packagers or anyone else who wants to follow along

Scott Ritchie scott at
Sun Oct 3 22:23:27 CDT 2010

On 10/01/2010 01:19 PM, Vincent Povirk wrote:
> Download and extract the mono 2.6.7 source tarball from
> Use the instructions at to cross-compile
> Mono 2.6.7 using mingw32. Tweak the script if you have to (or just
> want to), but consider contributing any fixes you have to make back to
> winezeug.

I will note that packagers can do the "lazy way" and just follow the
instructions to build a binary and then package that.  I'm doing this
for Ubuntu (for now), as Ubuntu doesn't provide all the Mingw libraries
needed to get the package to build.

So in the meantime Ubuntu users will get a binary package, and once I'm
done packing up the Mingw libraries they'll get a source package that
actually builds the binary properly.

And thank you Vincent, this is great stuff :)

-Scott Ritchie

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