kernel32/process: Implement GetLogicalProcessorInformation (rewrite - try 3)

Rudolf Mayerhofer rm at
Tue Oct 5 04:15:49 CDT 2010

> Have you checked that it doesn't just return a
> "format" for the name anyway. I'd play with the size argument or try
> using NtQuerySystemInformationEx (some new thing in win7). You could
> just find a case that passes and implement it for wine (i.e. play with
> parameters in tests until it passes on windows), since there doesn't
> seem to be any public docs for the api anyway. We can worry about
> "correct" implementation once someone figures it out (or uses it at
> least).
> Mike.

Based on your suggestion i've rewritten the test example MSDN provides 
for GetLogicalProcessorInformation to use 
NtQuerySystemInformation/SystemLogicalProcessorInformation instead 
and that returns exactly the same result as the original one.

Based on that we can assume that the buffers returned by both calls are
identical and just arrays of SYSTEM_LOGICAL_PROCESSOR_INFORMATION.

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