Translation patches for wine-1.2.1

Sven Baars at
Wed Oct 6 15:29:10 CDT 2010

Michael Stefaniuc wrote:
> Hello Alexandre,
> attached is the list with the translation patches to cherry-pick for 
> wine-1.2.1. The list was generated with the attached crud patch 
> (modified from the version I used for 1.0.1) and then I have manually 
> removed all my janitorial patches that didn't produce conflicts.
> Though the removal of the unneeded "Remove the ignored common resource 
> attributes" patches makes "wrc --verify-translation" produce DIFF 
> lines for resources that were added at a later time as those don't 
> have the ignored common resource attributes.
> bye
>     michael 
This script doesn't check for updated mc files, so the kernel32 
translation patches didn't get in. This includes for example


which was the first commit after wine 1.2 and is a translation update. 
Just thought you might want to know this.


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