New winetricks 20101008: new verbs abiword, dsound, nvidiasdk9, vd, xinput

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Oct 7 19:51:04 CDT 2010

Another fortnight-and-a-half, another Winetricks.

Online as always at
(Bug reports to the issue tracker at the above URL, please.)

Changes since 20100917:

Austin English:
- add dsound verb. (Issue 175)
- add xinput verb
- dxsdk_nov2006, add support for quiet install.
- fix dotnet installs for wine 1.2 (broken in recent winetricks release)
- introduce $appdata_win/$appdata_unix variables, use it for Safari
- refuse to run in 64-bit WINEPREFIX's
- remove deprecated pbuffer option
- update eadm sha1sum
- update flash sha1sums
- update kde to 0.9.7-0
- update utorrent sha1sum/url

Dan Kegel:
- add nvidiasdk9
- remove bogus msvcr80 installed by dotnet20; fixes issue 164.
- use symbolic variable uniformly in set_videomemorysize
- add abiword, ie6_full
- fix two spots WINETRICKS_TMP wasn't quoted; this broke WINEPREFIXes
containing spaces.  Reported by Roberto Neri.
- add vd=1024x768, vd=off options.  Fixes bug 172.

Scott Ritchie:
- new verb cjkfonts (individual verb names may still change)
- Add Quicktime 7.6, update quicktimes to depend on vcrun2005

Erik Inge Bolsø
- reenable mscoree after directx9 install; fixes issue 25.

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