IDE for Wine Development?

Evil Jay evil at
Sat Oct 9 16:50:02 CDT 2010

 The small patches I've submitted previously have been very minor code
changes that I put together in a text editor.  But today I've been
perusing the available bug list, and see a couple of more ambitious
things I would like to try to tackle.

My question is:  Which IDE/editors do you "real" devs prefer for your
work on Wine?  This topic doesn't seem to be mentioned in the dev
faq/guides on WineHQ. I googled to see if others had asked before, but
if they did I must have not phrased my searches very well.

I've been playing with KDevelop 4.0.2 for the last hour.  It's
beautiful, but I haven't had the best experience with it:  It randomly
crashed 3 times within a short period of first using it.  Oddly, it's
not crashed since I restarted it from the command line so that I could
attempt to figure out what the problem is.


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