Updated Norwegian translation.

Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes alex at thehandofagony.com
Fri Oct 15 08:35:19 CDT 2010

 Fredag 15 oktober 2010 05:05:46 skrev Austin English :
> 2010/10/14 Trygve Vea <trygve.vea at gmail.com>:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > This is my first patch to Wine - this one fixes some translation
> > errors - and adds some new translations.
> > I hope this is not the last patch I will send to Wine.
> > 
> > Any feedback is welcome.
> Hello Trygve,
> Thanks for the translations. However, patches should be split, 1 patch
> per module. In other words, one patch for dlls/crypt32, one for
> dlls/jscript, and so on.
> I can't judge the rest, I don't speak Norweigan :-).
> Cheers,
> -Austin

It's great to see that someone else is contributing to the Norwegian 
translation. :) 

Your contribution is of a high quality; I only have a few comments:


For some files, it looks like you're only changing the character encoding. If 
so you should change to UTF-8, and add #pragma code_page(65001) at the 
beginning of the file, and then there's no reason to add copyright info.

In some files you are adding copyright info when you're just fixing one or two 
typos. This is not necessary.


It's really nice that you're implroving these ones :)

This change should be discarded; in my opinion the original is better 
(although I'm biased, since I wrote it :p )

-	"Register MSI Service:\n" \
+	"Registrer MSI tjeneste:\n" \
You should use a hyphen: MSI-tjeneste
 	"\t/y\n" \
-	"Unregister MSI Service:\n" \
+	"Avregistrer MSI tjeneste:\n" \
Same as above
 	"\t/z\n" \
-	"Display this help:\n" \
+	"Vis denne hjelp:\n" \
Maybe "Vis denne hjelpeteksten"?

It looks like you're only changing the character encoding? If so you should 
change to UTF-8, and add #pragma code_page(65001) at the beginning of the 
And in that case, there is no reason to add copyright info.

-  IDS_BROWSE            "Bla"
+  IDS_BROWSE            "Bla gjennom"
"Bla gjennom" is indeed a better translation, but in some places I have 
shortened the text because buttons are too small. Is this not the case here?

+    IDS_PS_PASTE_LINK_DATA                "Setter innholdet fra 
utklippstavlen inn i dokumentet som %s.  Det kobles til kildefilen s� endrer i 
denne ogs� skjer i dokumentet."
"endrer" should be "endringer" (yes, this is also wrong in the original 
version :) )

-	IDS_OVERWRITEFILE_TEXT "This folder already contains a file called '%1'.
\n\nDo you want to replace it?"
+	IDS_OVERWRITEFILE_TEXT "Denne mappen inneholder allerede en fil med navn 
'%1'.\n\nVil du erstatte den?"
You should use « and » for quotation marks.

-	IDS_OVERWRITEFOLDER_TEXT "This folder already contains a folder named 
-	    "If the files in the destination folder have the same names as files 
in the\n"\
-	    "selected folder they will be replaced. Do you still want to move or 
-	    "the folder?"
+	IDS_OVERWRITEFOLDER_TEXT "Denne katalogen inneholder allerede en katalog 
med navn '%1'.\n\n"\
+	    "Hvis filene i katalogen du kopierer til heter det samme som filene i 
katalogen du\n"\
+	    "kopierer fra, vil disse bli erstattet. Ønsker du fortsatt å flytte 
eller kopiere\n"\
+	    "denne mappen?"
You should be conssitent with the translation of "folder". Normally "folder" = 
"mappe" and "directory" = "katalog"

-	GROUPBOX "Control", -1, 75, 11, 125, 44, BS_GROUPBOX
-	LTEXT "Popup menu", -1, 79, 23, 40, 10
-	AUTOCHECKBOX "&Control", IDC_OPT_CONF_CTRL, 129, 23, 60, 10, WS_TABSTOP
+	GROUPBOX "Kontroll", -1, 75, 11, 125, 44, BS_GROUPBOX
+	LTEXT "Popup-meny", -1, 79, 23, 40, 10
"Popup" is not a Norwegian word. You could simply write "Meny"

Alexander N. Sørnes

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