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Mon Oct 18 14:35:10 CDT 2010


I've a question concerning d3dcompiler, d3d10 and d3dx10 dlls in 
combination with the shader reflection interfaces.

It seems there are 4 different known interfaces:
IID_ID3D10ShaderReflection -> d3d10.dll (D3D10ReflectShader())
IID_ID3D10ShaderReflection1 -> d3dx10_xx.dll (D3DX10ReflectShader())
IID_ID3D11ShaderReflection_42 -> d3dcompiler_(40-42).dll (D3DReflect())
IID_ID3D11ShaderReflection -> d3dcompiler_(43).dll (D3DReflect())

The IID_ID3D11ShaderReflection_42 is just a new name for a 
IID_ID3D11ShaderReflection interface for version 40-42. In d3dcompiler 
43 the interface changed and now has a new IID.

What's the preferred way to implement the different interfaces?

1. Implement a parser which parses the shader (RDEF, STAT), and 
implement 4 independent interfaces (each in its own dll). Only reuse the 
2. Like 1, but all 4 implementations have there own parser, which leads 
to a lot of duplicated code. But it is the most flexible way. It could 
easily parse all possible shader blobs (theoretically they could differ 
from version to version, I have no test for that, yet).
3. Forward all interfaces to d3dcompiler_43.dll and this will contain 
all interfaces and the parser. This way the codebase is the smallest 
possible one, but it will offer all interfaces, which isn't what native 
does. Also all further interfaces would go to d3dcompiler_43.dll. This 
could get tricky.

Attached is a test program and the output. The programm is compiled with 
"i686-pc-mingw32-gcc -I./wine/build/include -I./wine/git/include 

The test for D3DReflectCode() doesn't work, so please ignore that part.

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