[PATCH] mscms: Handle bitmap formats BM_xRGBQUADS and BM_xBGRQUADS in from_bmformat( BMFORMAT format )

Tomasz Michno tomasz.michno at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 10:35:40 CDT 2010


> That's not how it's done in Wine, you will need to go through the
> API. In this case that means you need to define a bitmap in the
> appropriate format, create a color transform and then call
> TranslateBitmapBits.

I thought that I only need to test function which I modified, so I
created tests in that way. Now I'm modifying them to use
TranslateBitmapBits. Should I resend the whole patch or only create
one new with only tests/transform.c?
I tested wine with my modification with different images (including
raw's) and applications and all works well.

thanks for your time and help
Tomasz Michno

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