[PATCH] mscms: Handle bitmap formats BM_xRGBQUADS in from_bmformat( BMFORMAT format ) which is used by TranslateBitmapBits

Tomasz Michno tomasz.michno at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 11:11:56 CDT 2010


> You are copying quite a bit a infrastructure from profile.c, so it would
> be better to add the tests to that file. We can always split them up
> later.
Maybe you are right, but if there were more functions from transform.c
in my opinion it would be better to have tests/transform.c.
Maybe we should move common part to another file and include it in
profile.c and transform.c?

I sent few minutes ago new version with removed all // comments and
new whitespaces and fixed pCreateMultiProfileTransform(&hProfile, 2,
&intent, 1,... line.

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