WineAPI wiki progress

Max TenEyck Woodbury max at
Thu Oct 28 10:36:46 CDT 2010

The repository summary pages exist but in most cases are incomplete.
These pages can serve as a map of the repository contents.

There are categories for translations. The category indexes should
provide complete lists of identifiable translations for each language.

There are summaries of all .spec files with sortable tables.

There is a top level index for the APIs with seperate indexes for each
initial letter. These are in alphabetical order so it should be possible
to determine if Wine knows about a particular API.

Indexes for C++ name spaces are scheduled to the next phase of

There is ONE API description page at this point. If any of you would
care to look at it and send me comments, I will read them. I will be
setting up analytic scripts for the individual API pages after the name
space indexes are in place.


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