[PATCH 3/3] kernel32/tests: Add a test for opening short paths of differing case.

Greg Geldorp ggeldorp at vmware.com
Fri Oct 29 06:12:20 CDT 2010

Hi Chip,

> From: Charles Davis
> On 10/27/10 8:43 PM,  (Marvin) wrote:
> > === WINEBUILD (build) ===
> > Failure running script in VM: Exceeded timeout limit of 300 sec
> Huh? I've never seen that happen before. I can't tell why my patch would
> cause this. Ge? Your thoughts?

Your patch contained a change to the configure script. Because of that, the
bot rebuilt a lot of stuff. Rebuilding a lot of stuff takes time and caused
the timeout limit to be exceeded.
I've adjusted the build script to handle changes to configure better.


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