banning spammer from the forum

Gert van den Berg wine-devel at
Thu Sep 2 16:18:35 CDT 2010

For the forum it might be useful to find / write a phpbb extension
that disallows URL shortening services (and known spam domains) and
forces a captha check on users posting ANY link to a non-whitelisted
domain... (pastebin, a decent image hosting service, winehq,
microsoft, codeweavers, google, LMGTFY for a start...)

Even if it is a relative uneffective captcha, it should at least make
spamming more difficult...

Wine the mailing list integration, it makes sense to try and get
something to strip email addresses (Not sure if the mailing lists
archives hide them?) to prevent robots from finding them... (If the
official archives is stored in a database (I know phpbb does for the
forum), stripping it should be easy (at least for the SQL wizards...))


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