Console issues in recent git

PleegWat pleegwat at
Thu Sep 2 16:28:47 CDT 2010

On 09/02/2010 09:41 PM, Eric Pouech wrote:
> Le 02/09/2010 03:29, Jerome Leclanche a écrit :
>> Anyone else's terminal emulators really acting up since the last git
>> batch? On konsole (2.5//4.5.00), I'm unable to see what I'm writing if
>> there is a wine process running, until it's killed. This is probably a
>> konsole bug, but still...
>> CC eric.
>> --
>> J. Leclanche
> not really
> is the program you're running a CUI or GUI exec ?
> if it's a CUI, then it's normal as it's supposed to get all your current
> input
> if it's a GUI (without a win32 console), then it's more questionnable
> A+

I'm getting this problem as well, and I did a quick test - it also 
affects notepad and winecfg, although in those cases both the prompt and 
proper terminal function come back when the program exits. For many 
games, the prompt comes back shortly after the game was fully loaded. 
For these proper terminal function is not restored.

Could it be that a fork() is happening somewhere, and that the child 
(rather than the parent) tries to restore the terminal on exit?
And I'm not 100% on how this works in windows, but should the prompt be 
coming back at all before the program has exited? Could someone test 
this? Two programs I know this happens with are World of Warcraft and 
Starcraft 2.


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